Burial or Cremation

The choice of burial or cremation is yours. There is little difference in the overall cost should the family own a grave. However, if a new grave needs to be purchased then this can add significantly to the cost of the funeral. When arranging for the opening of an existing grave please provide us with the grave number or failing that, details of the person or persons interred in that grave. We will then make all necessary arrangements. Similarly with cremation, we will carry out all legal and relevant procedures from the ‘witnessing’ of the Application form, which must be completed by the ‘nearest surviving relative’ or the ‘executor’; to organising the satisfactory completion of ‘Medical Certificate’ by the deceased’s attending doctor or if necessary, the Coroner’s completion of a ‘Coroner’s Certificate for Cremation’ and the removal (where necessary) of artificial implants e.g. pacemaker/ defibrillator. During the cremation process, both the coffin and the body are cremated. Following the cremation, the ashes will become available usually within 48 hours. The options for the final resting place of these is varied e.g. Garden of Remembrance, Columbarium wall, existing family grave or scattering in a chosen location.

Embalming and Care of the Body

As part of our commitment to the care of the deceased, we offer the service of embalming. This technique provides for the sanitation and preservation of the body, while at the same time restoring a natural appearance to the deceased and assists in the prevention of infection to the living. This service is carried out to the highest possible standard by our professionally trained embalmers at our especially equipped rooms. The mode of dress for the deceased is decided by you.

Book of Condolences

These are supplied by us and located for signing at the Funeral Ceremony. The attendance listings will prove most useful when the family wants to recall who came.

Obituary Notices

We will gladly assist in the inserting of death notices in newspapers.

Floral Tributes

We can recommend you to a local florist who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

If donations are requested in lieu of flowers, we will include this wish in all obituary notices and if asked to do so, we will accept donations on your behalf and forward them in due course to you or your chosen charity.


Either a single framed photo or a collage of photographs of the deceased through the years can be displayed where the service is held. This type of display usually has a positive effect on the bereaved.


As part of our service we will arrange and co-ordinate singers and musicians or you may wish to choose recorded music which may be played in church, or at the crematorium.

Death Certificates

While the procurement of Death Certificate is the responsibility of the next of kin, we would be happy to advise on how to obtain them.